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Pricing for inflation

How to ensure profitable and customer-centric prices in a difficult economy


Optimal pricing during times of inflation means more than raising prices

Current inflation problems are caused by shocks to the system no one could have predicted. Covid-related supply chain disruptions and changes in demand patterns, war, increasing energy costs: all could not have been anticipated.

So why are so many companies sticking to predictive models to set prices?

Setting optimal prices is a challenge few companies know how to meet with traditional approaches. The most common strategies depend on using the past as a model, something that falls short of customer relevance in today's market.

 It's time for a prescriptive approach.

Prescriptive inflation pricing strategies adapt to current conditions to maximise margin and revenues no matter what disasters hit. At this webinar, Evo's CEO, Harvard MBA and PhD Fabrizio Fantini will share critical strategies you can use right away to achieve optimal prices, even during rampant inflation. 

Join us on June 15th at 16:00 CET to learn optimal pricing strategies for inflation.

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Why trust us on pricing? 

Since 2015, Evo has used Prescriptive AI to help clients make optimal decisions on pricing, supply chain, and customers. The algorithm at the core of Evo tools was developed out of CEO Fabrizio Fantini's PhD thesis on mathematical algorithms for setting more effective prices.

Through his pricing work as a partner at McKinsey, Fabrizio realized that even the biggest companies using the most effective tools often failed to achieve the desired impact. Evo was developed to bridge the gap in a human-machine alliance where machine learning could be combined with management best practices and your team's expertise to achieve business goals more efficiently. 

When using Evo's pricing strategy, companies see median results of:

  • +5.5 pp EBITDA
  • +3% revenues
  • +7% sales