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Prepare for tomorrow's fashion supply chain

How can you leverage cutting-edge fashion forecasting science to compete in an increasingly challenging market?


How can your business thrive despite increasing competition and disruptions in fashion?

Fashion companies have always had to accurately forecast what customers want next to survive. With trends fragmenting and accelerating and supply chains becoming increasingly complex, that challenge has grown significantly. We want to help your company rise to meet it.

Evo's top forecasting expert is joining together with a leader in fashion forecasting science from the prestigious ENSAIT institute to share emerging trends and cutting-edge technology that everyone in the fashion industry must know to stay relevant. They will share:

  • what fashion industry trends will prove critical in 2023 and the five years that follow
  • breakthroughs in forecasting science and new technologies that will allow you to stay ahead of these trends
  • how you can optimize your supply chain and innovate fashion forecasts to delight customers

Join us on February 28th at 16:00 CET to learn what's next in fashion forecasting from industry experts.

About our speaker


Giuseppe Craparotta

Evo Chief Client Officer; PhD Forecasting Science


Giuseppe is Evo's Chief Client Officer. His mission is to ensure Evo tools always work for you, no matter your forecasting challenges. Giuseppe comes to Evo with both technical and industry experience. He holds an MSc in Mathematical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Turin, focusing on industrial applications of statistics, and a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Turin, focusing on sales forecasting for the fashion industry. Published research focus on retail and revenue management, such as “AI for Fashion Industry in the Big Data Era".

Why trust Evo on fashion forecasting? 

Since 2015, Evo has used Prescriptive AI to help primarily fashion clients make optimal business decisions for sustainable long-term revenue growth. When using EvoAI for supply chain and pricing decisions, fashion companies see average results of:

  • +2.9 pp EBITDA
  • +23% inventory efficiency
  • -34% waste